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How to make a Simple Snail Trap that works with Beer.

How to make a simple environmentally friendly snail trap, that also catches slugs using Beer as the bait.
Drunk Snails, Oh No.! I hear you say. hahahahaha.

Seriously, the snails are attracted to the smell the beer, and will enter the trap and fall into the beer and,,, I think you know the outcome.

To make this simple snail trap you will need.

  • Empty plastic bottles. (Empty Drink, Milk Bottles, etc)
  • A Sharp knife. (Craft knife, Cardboard cutter etc.)
  • Beer (Any brand will do, as I’m sure the snails can’t read)

Constructing your snail trap.

  • Grab your empty plastic bottle (this is the to be used as the snail trap), and cut a three sided door opening (Leave it connected to the bottle.)
  • Fold down the flap, so the snails can enter your trap. (Like a draw bridge to a castle)
  • Pour some beer into the bottle, make sure its at least 10mm deep.
  • Place your loaded trap into a good position, normally near your plants that are being attacked by snails and slugs,
  • Make sure the plastic flap is set onto ground level, so the snails and slugs can enter easily and… I’ll leave this bit up to your imagination.
  • Remember to empty your snail trap every now and then, (The trap gets a bit smelly otherwise) and reload it with fresh beer for the next Snail Pub Crawl.

P.S. Do not remove the bottle lid. This will help keep excess water out of your snail trap, and make it work more effectively over a longer period of time.

You can use any brand of leftover beer in these simple to make snail traps, including home brew. (if you have any leftover that is,)

You can also experiment with other sugar based drinks as a substitute for beer, to see if your friendly snail is a pub crawler or a total tea teetotaller. and please pop your results in our comments section below. (I would love to know other baits that can be used)


  • Try Vegemite in liquid form etc you might be surprised at what else works (Pour water into empty Vegemite jar and use the liquid instead of beer. etc)

Garden Snail

P.S. I would not be looking to make escargot from the snails you catch.