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We are pleased to be offering our Free How To Projects and Environmentally Friendly Recipes to help with your budget, with lots of Information on many varied topics of interest, also covering a wide range of of simple projects you can make at home on a tight budget.

As time progresses, we will be adding many new articles to our Blogs pages.

The recipes that are currently contained on this site, are mainly easy to prepare and economical to make. As an added bonus, most are environmentally friendly and safe to use around pets and children.

You will save Money and The Planet by using these ideas and formulas from our blog, plus you will feel good about yourself at the same time.

Make your Own Formula and Save Money
Make your Own Formula and Save Money

Note: To make things a bit easier to find. I have added the categories to the main menu bar.

Each of the categories will be constantly updated with many environmentally friendly and cheap to make products over the coming months.

It is interesting to note that many home-made recipes will rival their commercial counterpart favourably, and I’m sure you will be impressed with the savings to your pocket as well.

Quite a few of the formulas and projects you will find on our blog site, are both safe for children to make and use unsupervised. But… i would always recommend keeping a close eye on proceedings just in case they make a mess of things.One of my favourite things for children to grow are the cut off carrot ends and sprouts.


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