How to Grow your own strawberries in a foam box

Growing your own strawberries in a confined space is quite easy and tasty  to do.

If you have a small confined back yard, then this is a straight forward easy way for you to grow your strawberry plants.

Its easy to do and it’s cheap, Plus, you will be harvesting a fresh crop of strawberries in no time at all.

Growing organic Strawberries in a foam box
First you will need to grab some used vegetable foam packing boxes, the type your greengrocer uses or you might be able to get some from your local produce  market either for free, or quite cheaply.

The main advantage of growing strawberries in these foam boxes: Is that the ripening fruit will hang over the edge of them, and it is less likely to rot, through the Strawberries touching the ground.

You will need:

  1. Vegetable foam boxes. (Any size will do)
  2. Fill with them a good quality premium potting mix.
  3. You can either plant seed,  a strawberry plant, or strawberry plant runners to get things started.

Foam Box

P.S. Remember to Poke 5 or more drainage holes in the bottom of each foam box, to release any excess water that might be in there, otherwise the water will be retained, and cause rotting of the roots and other problems, such as stagnant water smells. (Not Nice at all)

Important: If you spot any aphids on your strawberry plants, remove them immediately, as they can transmit viruses, from plant to plant and you could loose much of your crop. (Use an aphid pyre-thrum base spray, or you can simply use soapy water to control them)

Strawberries also suffer from fungi, so always remove any dead leaves, and fruit you find to reduce this risk.

KEEP the plants covered with some suitable bird netting when the plants start to fruit, as your not the only one who likes fresh ripe strawberries.


I know once you grow strawberries for the first time, and taste the delicious fruit, you will never go back to a store bought one ever again. (Unless you run out and need to grow more that is)

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