How long will a concrete kerb take to dry before I can use my mower?

How long will it normally take for concrete kerbs take to dry
Concrete normally dries at fairly consistent rates.

Note: The ambient Temperature is a factor to take into consideration when calculating drying times

Concrete doesn’t gain strength by drying, but by “curing” which it does for the period while it remains damp after laying.

A 100mm thick kerb take approximately:
1 day to achieve around 30% of its full strength.
At 2 Days it passes the 50% mark.
And at 3 Days 75% has been achieved.
It takes concrete approximately 30 Days to reach 99% of its final compression strength.
The thickness of the concrete will of cause affect the curing times.
I.E. The thicker the longer it will take.

Its a good idea is to keep the concrete damp while it cures, you can place a sheet of polythene over it. You can also spray water on it with a hose if you want to.

Note; If you can keep the concrete damp for a week or more, it will have a higher compression strength.

diy concrete kerb

Protect the concrete from hot sun for the first day (in some countries they don’t lay concrete until the afternoon to avoid the hot mid-day sun which causes cracking and dusty/flaky surfaces).

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