How to get free seedling mix from store bought potting mix.

A very simple and cost-effective way to get some free seedling mix from any store-bought potting mix.

The very next you open a potting mix bag, run it through a fine sieve, and the soil that falls through the sieve, can be used as a very nice fine grade seedling mix. You of cause use the rest as standard potting mix.

The UN-sieved potting mix can be used as usual, and it is ideal for any Bromeliads or Orchids you might like to plant in it.

How to get seedling mix for free


Things you need:

  • A bag of Potting Mix. (Any brand and any sized bag of normal potting mix.)
  • A fine sieve. (You can also use a seedling tray with fine holes in the bottom of it, as your sieve if you don’t have a store-bought one on hand.)
  • A pair of Gardening Gloves (It’s advisable to wear gloves when handling any form of potting and seedling mix)

Seedling, Mix

This handy tip will save you a few dollars by not having to buy separate potting mix bags of seedling mix.

I highly recommend that you wear suitable gardening gloves.


NOTE: Potting mixes, mulches, compost and soils, contain many forms of bacteria, that can be harmful to your health, and in some instances, result in death.


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