Growing Beetroot from Seed and save yourself some money.

Growing Beetroot from Seed, (not seedlings) and you will save money by doing this.

You should plant beetroot seeds about 6 to 8 centimeters apart, and directly into the ground, you’ll also need to thin the growing seedlings out later..

Keep the water up to them, deep watering will promote the root to grow down into the soil where we want it.

Note: Don’t use any high nitrogen-based fertilizers on your growing beetroot, fertilizers such as liquid manure and fish emulsions come to mind. if you do use them or similar you will have plenty of leaves but very small beets, so its best to avoid this type of fertilizer all together.

Tip: Its best to plant beetroot from seed and not from punnet’s which have already started to grow as the young beets do not transplant well.


P.S. Beetroot is partial to an alkaline soil, so adding a handful of lime per square square metre, and lightly forking the limeĀ  into your garden bed, before planting, is not a bad idea.

Sliced beetroot in fresh salads from your own garden, nothing beats that for taste.

This is a very simple crop to grow from seed, as with all vegetables, the quality of your seed will make or break your efforts,

Always use the best and freshest seed to ensure a good harvest from your crop.

Growing your own vegetables is most enjoyable and you can easily involve the kids in watering and making sure the snails and bugs don’t become a problem, their reward will be on the dinner plate and I’m sure the beetroot they grew is better tasting than yours. haha


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