How to Grow Runner Beans from Seed and reap the benefits of your labour.

Grow Runner Beans from seed is one of the easiest vegetables you can possibly grow in your garden plot, which in-turn makes them ideal for beginners, and small children to start with.

Runner Beans are a very hardy plant, but do require a good sunny position in your garden to flourish.



Growing Beans in a Temperate climate like Australia.

  • First choose a position in your garden plot that has good sun.
  • Then run a spade through the soil, and turn it over to loosen it.
  • Drag your rake over the ground to remove clumps.
  • Next make a little V shaped groove in a straight line in the soil.


  • Plant your seeds along the groove you preprepared earlier, pressing your individual seed into the groove to  depth of approx 25mm and space them 10cm apart to allow for future growth.
  • Your rows should be approximately 60cm apart from each other.
  • Cover your seed with soil, and at down gently to remove air pockets.
  • You can water using a hose or watering can, but don’t over do it.
  • Don’t use any water for at least 2 – 3 days after sowing. (Large seeds require less water because of their volume, than smaller seeds)

Warning: Strong fertilizer for your runner beans is not really necessary, as the beans pull nitrogen out of the surrounding atmosphere, so don’t be too generous with your organic compost and use your fertilizer sparingly.

Tip: You will achieve optimum growing results, when the temperature of your soil is consistently above 20 degrees Celsius.

  • When your runner beans start growing, you can add some fertiliser to them that contain a high potash content, a liquid plant food is ideal for this purpose, as it can be watered in at the same time, if you prefer you can use a granular time feed one if you prefer.

Important: Beans are climbing plants, make sure you have a structure for them to climb up. (Stakes, Wire Mesh,  etc.)

Have fun and enjoy the benefit of growing your own food.

P.S. If you grow too many, you can either freeze them, or give them to friends and family whom I’m sure will appreciate them greatly.


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