How to make a Worm farm compost bin for next to nothing.

A simple and easy way to make an environmentally friendly worm farm recycling plant.

These are of real benefit to anyone who has a garden and wants it to be healthy and productive.

You will need:

  1. Grab a few foam vegetable boxes with lids from you local greengrocer. (You might have to pay a small fee for them)
  2. Cut out the bottom of your box. (So it will sit directly on the ground)
  3. Find a nice shady location in your garden. (If placed in direct sun the box contents will dry out and the worms won’t stay in there.)
  4. Place the box on ground and add any organic kitchen scraps you have, then on top of the scraps, place some newspaper or a piece of Hessian, and wet it, this will aid the decomposition and keep the worms a lot happier doing their thing.
  5. Make sure you replace the lid of the box, and secure it with a brick, or something heavy on top, to stop unwanted vermin from getting to your worms vegetarian feast.

Foam Box

Tip: You can jump-start your worm factory, by buying worms from your local nursery, and adding them to your boxes. This is a lot easier than finding worms in the garden yourself

WebAny naturally occurring worm in your garden will find your worm farm factory and make it their business to clock on, and offer their services for free. Then happily turn everyday kitchen food waste and convert them into vermi-castings – natures finest free soil conditioner which for your garden plants simply love.

Earth worm

Note: A single Worm can eat their own body weight in plant material per day, so remember to keep an eye on your worm farm and top them up with more kitchen food waste, and top with wet newspaper or a piece of wet Hessian as needed to keep the moisture in.

When you have collected enough worm castings you can make use of them in your garden beds.

P.S. Some food waste such as fruit, grains and sugary foods produce acid. Adding a little wood ash or dolomite or lime every few weeks will prevent the worm farm from becoming too acidic. Open the lid and wait until the worms burrow in the bedding before applying the lime or wood ash.

It is Important to add extra water to the box whenever it gets dry. inside the box should be the consistency of a damp sponge.

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